Black Stone Candle Warmer


Melt your wickless candle or wax melts and diffuse fragrance without burning a wick. The ceramic Stone Black sleek design comes with the cord/plug, all that is needed is the candle. To melt a candle simply remove the wax melt dish and place the candle on the warmer, wait for the wax to melt, and enjoy the fragrance without needing a flame. 

Perfect for small spaces or places where open flames are not allowed, such as dorm rooms or offices. 

Candles with wicks can be melted on the warmer as well. 

Note: As candle warmers melt the wax from the bottom up, the larger the candle vessel, the longer it will take to experience the fragrance. 

 Candle is not included.

Max dish wax fill 160 grams
Max candle container width 3 11/16
ETL Certification Yes
Plug compatibility/wattage 120V, 20 Watt, Type B
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